Dead wife riddle

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Share this page:. People I like 3. Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Denice Riddle's work have you seen? Known For. Only in America Cougar Neighbor. Only in America pre-production Cougar Neighbor. Redacted Short pre-production Abalone Gizzard. A Little Lost Short filming Debbi. American Curry Pie Short post-production Jack. Flight Short post-production Bob. Eileen Haltstead. Leilani Diaz.

Reporter uncredited. Photographer uncredited. Kids on Capricorn Way producer post-production.The best riddles are enigmas wrapped up in a puzzle and shrouded in mystery. We are always adding intriguing new riddles so check back often! A woman shoots her husband.

Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together.

How can this be? The woman was a photographer. She shot a picture of her husband, developed it, and hung it up to dry. A car's odometer shows miles, a palindromic number. What are the minimum miles you would need to travel to form another?

I am a path situated between high natural masses. Remove my first letter and you have a path situated between man-made masses.

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What's the difference between a well dressed man on a bicycle and a poorly dressed man on a unicycle? Flex your mind and have fun at the same time! New riddles, quizzes, bottle cap puzzles, math riddles, brain teasers, and jokes updated daily. From hard to easy riddles our riddle collections will keep you guessing. Get your cerebral workout on with Riddles. The Riddles. Our riddle library contains interesting riddles and answers to test visitors and evoke deep thought and community discussion.

Riddlers will benefit from the creativity of our members who participate in growth of our online riddles and puzzles resource. We encourage you to become a member of Riddles. Menu toggle. Riddle Of The Day. Killer Wife, Or Not? Riddle: A woman shoots her husband. Answer: The woman was a photographer. Please Share! Sharing Options. Problem Riddles. A Palindromic Number Brain Teaser.

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Riddle: A car's odometer shows miles, a palindromic number. Answer: miles. Challenge Riddles.

dead wife riddle

Remove My First Letter. Riddle: I am a path situated between high natural masses. What am I?

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Answer: A Valley. New Riddles.Post a Comment. Tuesday, 4 April Dead wife riddle As soon as he reached his destination, he was arrested and later convicted for the murder of his spouse — according to the dead wife riddle. How did he know where the crime scene was located without receiving even a subtle hint or general idea from the police?

The answer is simple. The husband was the person that killed the woman in the first place. Therefore, no one would need to tell him where the crime scene was located since he was the person that created the scene! The solution to the dead wife riddle may seem a little difficult to find at first. That is, of course, until you realise that the answer was right under your nose the whole time! However, there are quite a few other riddles and brain teasers that have been shared via social media over the years that are a lot harder to solve than this one.

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Mumbai resident Sushil Narsian had booked a cab on 1st April From his residence in Mulund West to Vakola Market but the driver Who are saving cow and how and what need to be stopped by whom; India tops in beef export.

Whom are we blaming. Who are the actual face behind all. India tops in cow slaughterhouse and most slaughtering are done by Hindus Beauty is versatile. Here are some.A man was killed on Sunday morning. His wife found the body and called the police. The police arrived and questioned the chef, maid, butler, and gardener.

Their alibis were:. Chef — making breakfast Maid — getting mail Butler — setting table Gardener — watering plants.

dead wife riddle

Rebecca says March 6, Aswathy says April 6, Mollie says July 11, Michael Jay says July 20, I knew it was the maid first I thought it was the chef because of a riddle very similar but it was the afternoon and he was making breakfast but I re-read it and realized easily it was the maid Watson you must observe. Arieh Perecowicz says December 25, Who said that there is NO mail on Sunday?

Where does it indicate that the maid picked mail of SAME day? IF the crime was in Israel than there is mail on Sunday. Casey says January 1, Yve says January 3, She said she was getting the mail. In the UK we have the Sunday Mail newspaper. The riddle says that that the Butler claimed he was polishing the silver. If it was the cook then the police would not have gotten to the Gardener.

If it was the Gardener then the police would not have gotten to the maid. If it was the maid the Butler would have never been questioned. As the police arrested the murderer immediately, then I would have to guess it was the Butler. Inknown says January 6, Get Free Riddles By Email! Their alibis were: Chef — making breakfast Maid — getting mail Butler — setting table Gardener — watering plants The police immediately arrested the criminal.

Who was it and how did they know? The maid. Posted in Brain Teasers. You can tell because of a Harry Potter quote I love. Michael Jay says July 20, I knew it was the maid first I thought it was the chef because of a riddle very similar but it was the afternoon and he was making breakfast but I re-read it and realized easily it was the maid Watson you must observe.

Yve says January 3, She said she was getting the mail. Random Riddles. Random Brain Teasers. How To Make One Disappear? How to Stay Dry? Related Strangers. Recent Comments. Brain Teasers Riddles. Search for:.There are three people on a island, one is a deaf guy, the other is a blind guy and the last is a mute guy.

By mute, I mean someone who can't talk not now nor ever. So basically, the deaf guy runs away with the blind man's wife however the mute guy see's them.

The question has always been "how does the mute guy tell the blind guy, that his wife has run away with the deaf guy? I searched everywhere for an answer, but too no avail. However I have an answer of my own. A little sketchy I admit, but read on please. Before reading on, feel free to check everywhere it has truly stumped people everywhere.

Here is my answer, please give some feedback:. Okay, the riddle at first is worded wrong. It asks for the mute guy to "tell" the blind guy. He can't speak and the blind guy can't see. It would never work without a fourth party involved. Now here is my answer. After one or two days the blind guy realizes that his wife, nor the deaf guy are there.

He asks aloud, "Is anyone here? The blind guy being an intelligent fellow with common sense, through the process of elimination understands that, if the deaf guy was there, he would have said it. If his wife was there, she would have said it.

The only person who wouldn't say it is the mute guy. So he manages to dictate that it's only him and the mute there. He then puts it together and realizes his wife and the deaf guy have ran off. Now how does this answer the question of the riddle, "How does the mute guy tell the blind guy his wife has ran off?

This he simply cannot do. Instead of understanding it like that, we should re-word is too, "How does the mute guy HELP the blind guy know his wife has ran off? Using my answer the riddle is answered because without the mute letting the blind man know he is there, the blind man would assume that the mute, deaf and his wife have been killed etc. So by being there he helps the blind man understand that his wife has ran off with the deaf guy.

dead wife riddle

Thus answering the riddle. So, yeah. I've known this riddle for ages, but I couldn't think of an answer for it, I knew it would be very complicated if there was an answer however this is the best I could come out with.

Sorry for it being so long. If you managed too read it all please let me know what you think of the answer. Sorry, there are 4 people on the island, three of them are guys.Search our vast riddle database for riddles containing a specific word or phrase.

Enter a keyword into search box. The riddle search will check to see if the word is in the Title, Riddle or Answer and return results if they exist. Romeo and Juliet are found dead on the floor in a bedroom. When they were discovered, there were pieces of glass and some water on the floor. The only furniture in the room is a shelf and a bed.

The house is in a remote location, away from everything except for the nearby railroad track. What caused the death of Romeo and Juliet?

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Romeo and Juliet are fish. The rumble of the train knocked the tank off the shelf, it broke and Romeo and Juliet did not survive.

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A man and a woman were driving in their car when it broke down. The man decided to go for help at a gas station a few miles back. He made sure nobody was in the car, rolled all the windows up, and locked all of the sedan's doors. He went off, but when he came back, his wife was dead, and there was a stranger in the car. No physical damage was done to the car, so how did the stranger get in?

A Riddle: Deaf person Blind person Mute person (Possible Answer)?

I am a rock group that has 4 members, all of whom are dead, one of which was assasinated. What am I? Dead on the field lie ten soldiers in white, felled by three eyes, black as night. What happened? Walk on the living, they don't even mumble. Walk on the dead, they mutter and grumble.

What are they? A man was found dead out in a field of snow. The only tracks that were left was a set of footprints between two parallel lines.

dead wife riddle

Who should the police be looking for? A murderer is condemned to death.A dead body is found at the bottom of a multistory building. Seeing the position of the body it is evident that the person jumped off from one of the floor for attempting suicide. A homicide detective is called to look after the case. He goes to the first floor and walks in the room facing the direction in which the body was found. He opens the window in that direction and flips a coin towards the floor.

The he goes to the second floor and repeats the process. He keeps on doing it till the last floor. Then, when he climbs down, he tells the team that it is a murder not suicide. How did he come to know that it was a murder? View Answer Discuss At each floor, he did the same task of opening the window and flipping the coin.

If it was a suicide, then at least the window at any of the floor must have been left open by the person who jumped off. The present situation only suggests that someone pushed him off and then closed the window again. Sherlock breaks into a crime scene. The victim is the owner who is slumped dead on a chair and have a bullet hole in his head. A gun lies on the floor and a cassette recorder is found on the table.

On pressing the play button, Sherlock hears the message 'I have committed sins in my life and now I offer my soul to the great Lord' and followed a gunshot Sherlock smiles and informed the police that's its a murder. Why did he think so? View Answer Discuss How can a dead person rewind back the tape himself? You are living at you place alone. You own a shed which has been locked.

The lock that has been placed on the door can be closed without a key but need the key to be opened. You collected some old stuff and decided to keep it in the shed. After keeping the things, you locked it back. The next day, the police found a dead body inside the shed. As you are the only one living in your house, the police has nothing else to believe than you are the murderer. But you have not committed any crime. There is a way the murder would have happened.

Can you find that way and tell the police so you are not sentenced for the crime you did not commit? View Answer Discuss The lock cant be closed without a key. When you were keeping the things inside the shed, the murderer took the lock hanging on the door and replaced it with an identical one. You closed it as it did not require a key.